A Well Moderated Evening & Other Rambunctious Short Stories

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Memorable, thought provoking, downright mad.

These are not bedtime stories.

In a time of blatantly recycled ideas, these new stories are a breath of fresh air.

They are safe to read, but it is the author's hope they are not. A few of these push the envelope and hopefully get labeled dangerous to read (what phenomenal marketing that would be!)

10 Short Stories with big ideas on murder, simps, weebs, grief, wellness gurus, pets, doctors and more.

Dark and satirical, these stories pay homage to the original comedy, the tragedy.

You'll wonder if these stories are true, if they really could have happened?

Yes! Each story is based on real events, their absurdity as a story only hides the madness of the world.

The 10 Stories Are:

-Doctor Influenza

-The Local Hero


-Feline Superiority

-Symbiotic Purpose

-Bark for Help

-The Moths

-Street Glamping

-The Jeff Reality

-A Well Moderated Evening

Quick and entertaining reads that will leave you wondering where the lines between art and reality blur.

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10 Satirical, dark, humorous and modern short stories

39 page book
65 min audiobook

A Well Moderated Evening & Other Rambunctious Short Stories

0 ratings
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